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We carry a wide portfolio of domains targeting local and business niche-specific domain names.

Rent one of our luxury local business-specific domains, to capture local web search of Long-tail keywords and have the edge over your competition. Long-tail keywords are keywords or key phrases that are more specific and usually longer than more commonly used keywords. Long-tail keywords usually have a higher conversion value, as they are more specific to the user search.



How did you get here?

You searched a domain name that was forwarded to this site or you received an email concerning a specific domain name based on your location and your business niche became available for rent.

If you're interested in renting a domain and getting it forwarded to your current site, email us back with the domain of choice, and if still available we will reach out with an agreement*. We do offer long-term agreements starting at a minimum of 36 months and up to 60 months.

Our Domain Rental services do not include trademarks or business registration. In order to apply for a trademark or business registration, you are required to specify the business in details including location, type/industry, name of Director(s), and what services the company/product will provide. Since our domains can be rented by anyone for any use, it would not be possible for us to file a trademark in advance.

We recommend that you do some due diligence and/or seek legal advice to ensure that the name you are interested in does not have a direct Trademark conflict with a competitor in your industry and within your region. If there is no direct conflict, or the existing trademark is unrelated to how you plan to use it, then you have a good chance of being able to trademark the name yourself. 


*30 days written notice required to discontinue service.




Complete the form below for more details about your domain of choice. Please be advised that if the domain is already rented you can opt-in to be on our waiting list. 

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